Zeit Magazine – Special Issue Launch – Frankfurt, Germany.

October 15 – Launched during the Frankfurt Buchmesse at Le Petite Royal restaurant in the City, Christophe Amend, the magazine’s editor hosted a special event and friendly Q and A with Aria Ungerer on the Zeit Magazine edition devoted to Tomi Ungerer and his work.

The informal and stand up conversation covered questions over working with Tomi, his output in the last year of his life and his particular form of parenting and habits when taking transatlantic flights (read making and flying paper planes in a plane!).

The issue looked into Tomi’s last year of work and the intricate reimagining of Flix for the animation series in preparation currently.

Unlock books was the title of the whole evening’s event with a focus on writing and held of the just before the opening the largest book fair in the world that takes place every October in Frankfurt.

Here’s the online link to the issue for those of you who may have a subscription.



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