Tomi Ungerer is multi-talented creative force.

Best known as an author, he has published over 140 books ranging from his much-loved children’s books to his controversial adult work. He is famous for his sharp social satire and his witty aphorisms and he ranges from the fantastic to the autobiographical. Tomi writes in French, English and German. His books have been translated into over 28 languages.

He is also an illustrator, a sculptor, an inventor, an achitectural designer and was highly successful in advertising. His work is recognised worldwide and a significant body of his art is on exhibition in The Musee Tomi Ungerer in Strasbourg.


The Beast of Monsieur Racine

Tomi’s Books give a wonderful insight into his creative genius, never resting on his laurels he is always pushing boundaries, challenging us and exploring humanity. His sharp wit and satirical tone is compelling engaging and sometimes uncomfortable… Harper and Row published Tomi’s first children’s book in 1957, “The Mellops Go Flying”, which was an immediate […]

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Bibliography - Tomi Ungerer

A selected Bibliography of Tomi Ungerer’s work and is divided into Childrens Books written and illustrated by Tomi, Childrens Books illustrated by Tomi, Books for Adults written and illustrated by Tomi, Books for Adults illustrated by Tomi, Texts by Tomi, books about Tomi and Catalogues of principle exhibitions.

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