We’re back but never really went away…

It’s been just over three months since Tomi left us – an intense time for all and a period of reflection and memories.

You may have noticed things here have paused for a moment online,  but now we’re back and looking forward to all that comes next.

In a very Tomi way of working things have actually never stopped. Events, shows and book publications have continued on as ever in life. 

We have also been considering some things for this site and we hope to share some of those ideas with you soon. 

In the meantime,  here are the spring highlights that will bring us right up to the galleries weekend in Paris and the screening of two films on Tomi  L’Esprit Frappeur by Brad Bernstein and Jean De la Lune by Stephan Schesch on the the Sunday the 19th of May days before the final week of the show “Overdose”  


The Centre Cultural Irlandais Exhibition En Attendant 16/03 – 05/07

Running since March 16th this year a special exhibition covering mostly his collage work. Tomi began working on this show mid-July of last year, an exceptional event that is reviewed in full here.   

In addition, we have Sophie Gorman and Aria Ungerer in conversation on the show below

The Galerie Vallios Show “Overdose” 17/04 -25/05

Never known for just one genre of art – Tomi’s latest show explores the diverse and challenging lines of his work through drawings, sculptures, writing and collages reviewed here in L’Humanite 

And here’s a quick tater walk through the Vallois for you, before you get time to go visit this weekend…

A new children’s book is very nearly here…

Finally, it’s been 6 years since Tomi’s last children’s story – Fog Island. This month sees the publication of a brand new book from Tomi – a tale of pure drama, pathos and humanity that follows the breathtaking adventure of Vasco pictured here…




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