US Theatrical Release of ‘Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story’

Here are the venues dates so far.  For updates check in with our US distributor, First Run Features.

New York, NY Lincoln Plaza Cinema Opens June 14, 2013
Los Angeles, CA Landmark Nuart Opens June 21, 2013
Chicago, IL Gene Siskel Film Center Opens June 21, 2013
Montreal, QC Cinema du Parc Opens June 21, 2013
Lafayette, LA Cite des Arts June 30, 2013
Richmond, VA Criterion at Movieland Opens July 5, 2013
Boston, MA Landmark Kendall Square Opens July 12, 2013
Washington, DC Landmark E Street Opens July 12, 2013
Denver, CO Landmark Theatres Opens July 12, 2013
Columbus, OH Gateway Film Center Opens July 12, 2013
Seattle, WA Landmark Theatres Opens July 19, 2013
Minneapolis, MN Landmark Theatres Opens July 19, 2013
San Francisco, CA Landmark Theatres Opens September 6, 2013
Berkeley, CA Landmark Shattuck Opens September 6, 2013

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