Tomi Responds to Birthday Messages!

Earlier this year we invited fans to send Tomi a drawing or card to celebrate his 86th birthday. Tomi was delighted with all of the special messages and we filmed his reaction to each individual card. Enjoy!

You can see all of the birthday cards in our gallery here


3 Responses to “Tomi Responds to Birthday Messages!”

  1. Nancy Dennis says:

    Tom – Est-ce que tu as recu mes felicitations? Je les ai envoye a Strasbourg et a Ireland.

    Bonne annee,

  2. Sophie Meehan says:

    Bonsoir Nancy!
    Did you send a letter to Tomi through a publisher or the museum in Strasbourg?

  3. Nancy Dennis says:

    Ni l’un, ni l’autre. J’ai ecrit a Tomi c/o Therese Willer et aussi a sa website.

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