The Beastly Boy – Tomi in the Virginia Quarterly Review

In the fall 2019 issue of the Virginia quarterly review, you’ll find the marvelous Lisa Brown, illustrator and writer publishing her fascinating part-mini biography, part personal memoir and essay on writing and illustrating .

It contains written and sketched recollections from snippets of Tomi’s life and work and how (she calls herself an acolyte of Tomi) opening up with all the diverse reactions and how they all make her feel today about being an artist.

Alongside this chronicle of Tomi’s hectic life she discusses the attitudes towards any author having to behave like good little children too, and what that means for art writing, stories and of course publishing in general.

She narrates how that affected some parts of Tomi work and life, especially in the late sixties and seventies in America.

But for now, the best next step is to read this featured article yourself. Tap the link below to see the complete text over on the VQR website.



The Beastly Boy – Tomi Ungerer and the art of provocation

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