The Army Of Shovels – Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris.

October, Paris, 2019

In conjunction with Fiacparis and the Galerie Vallios Tomi’s sculpture piece “An Army of shovels” (with over 100 objects) was on show in the Jardin De Tuileries as part of the Hors Les Murs exhibition series that took place this autumn.

For over thirty years, both as an artist and as a farmer, Tomi worked with shovels. As a farmer, the shovel served as a direct line of communication with the earth.

As an artist, each could be gifted with a new and unique character and transformed into an artwork. Digging into his childhood memories of WWII, with Army of Shovels Tomi Ungerer created a mobile army made of identical, purchased shovels; the individual subsumed by the mass. Placed in military configuration, they seem to invade the Tuileries.


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