‘Non-Stop’ The New Picture Book by Tomi Ungerer – German, French and English editions announced.

Feb 28th, 2020

It’s been 7 long years since Tomi’s last picture book (Fog Island 2012) and so it’s a special moment when the publication of a new children’s book comes along. Non-Stop has a story so rivetting for today’s world while it shows that special dedication to design and layout that one has come to expect from […]

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Zeit Magazine – Special Issue Launch – Frankfurt, Germany.

Nov 4th, 2019

October 15 – Launched during the Frankfurt Buchmesse at Le Petite Royal restaurant in the City, Christophe Amend, the magazine’s editor hosted a special event and friendly Q and A with Aria Ungerer on the Zeit Magazine edition devoted to Tomi Ungerer and his work. The informal and stand up conversation covered questions over working […]

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The Army Of Shovels – Jardin Des Tuileries, Paris.

Oct 18th, 2019

October, Paris, 2019 In conjunction with Fiacparis and the Galerie Vallios Tomi’s sculpture piece “An Army of shovels” (with over 100 objects) was on show in the Jardin De Tuileries as part of the Hors Les Murs exhibition series that took place this autumn. For over thirty years, both as an artist and as a […]

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The Beastly Boy – Tomi in the Virginia Quarterly Review

Sep 29th, 2019

In the fall 2019 issue of the Virginia quarterly review, you’ll find the marvelous Lisa Brown, illustrator and writer publishing her fascinating part-mini biography, part personal memoir and essay on writing and illustrating . It contains written and sketched recollections from snippets of Tomi’s life and work and how (she calls herself an acolyte of Tomi) […]

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Summer in the City

Jul 29th, 2019

Strasbourg, France. July 2019 A vibrant summer of events are now taking place centred around Tomi’s work and private collections in Strasbourg, with two shows currently on view and also being honoured as part of a special “slow-life” illumination project called Hortus that features images from Jean De La Lune along the riverside buildings projected […]

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We’re back but never really went away…

May 14th, 2019

It’s been just over three months since Tomi left us – an intense time for all and a period of reflection and memories. You may have noticed things here have paused for a moment online,  but now we’re back and looking forward to all that comes next. In a very Tomi way of working things […]

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Don’t Hope, Cope: The Many Lives of Tomi Ungerer 1931 -2019

Feb 11th, 2019

Tomi Ungerer was a children’s book creator, an illustrator, a writer, a graphic designer, an architect, a satirist, a sculptor and the maker of the most idiosyncratic collages. He was a father and a farmer, a joker and a teacher, a fighter for sexual freedom and a realist. And, with his unstoppable and most demanding […]

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From Book to Screen – the fresh face of Flix.

Feb 4th, 2019

Just before Christmas we shared the good news that Flix is back! For all of you that know and love this story, we thought we’d start sharing a little more of background to how the new animated series was developed visually. Exclusively for you here, let’s look at some of the drawings and see how […]

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Book, interview and press round-up

Jan 13th, 2019

As 2018 begins to fade and we started to move into all the things new for 2019 here is just a quick round of up of news, books and reviews that were published on Tomi and his work late last year. All of these took place alongside a memorable and excellent show at the Galerie […]

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Say Hello to Flix (again) – He’s back

Dec 18th, 2018

“Flix is about making the best out of your differences – we are all equal and we are all different. Everyone has something to offer. ‘Flix’ shows us that with a sense of humour you can overcome any dogstacle.” Tomi Ungerer We are so thrilled to unveil this sneak preview of Flix –a 52 episode […]

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