The Three Robbers

The Three Robbers tells the story of three fierce black-clad robbers who terrorize and plunder the countryside, armed with a blunderbuss, a pepper blower, and a huge red axe…

The Three Robbers has been translated into sixteen languages and has sold millions of copies in the 45 years since it was first published. The book was written and illustrated by the award winning childrens author Tomi Ungerer. Now re-published by Phaidon this childrens classic is once more available in English.


Delightful and artistically nourishing.” –The New York Times Book Review, December 21, 2008

Though he has never been much out of it, the spotlight seems to be shining particularly brightly right now on Mr. Ungerer … Both Mr. Ungerer’s approach and his visual style — inspired by Saul Steinberg, with elements of George Grosz and Paul Klee — seemed to have seeped into the DNA of children s literature.” –The New York Times, July 27, 2008

Ungerer is a wizard at whittling a story down to its smoothest, most streamlined essence, as shown in this reissued tale of a trio of ruthless highwaymen … This master class in storytelling should be required reading not just for children, but current children’s-book authors.” –Cookie Magazine, November 2008