Flix: From Page to Screen

We are delighted to announce that the iconic children’s book Flix, has been jointly optioned by Eye Present and Pictor Productions from Tomi’s publisher, Diogenes Verlag.  Eye Present is a London based animation studio formed by Genevieve Dexter and Squint/Opera in 2014 and Pictor Productions is an Irish production company formed by Tomi’s daughter, Aria Ungerer.  Together they will develop animated content for a young audience based on the book Flix.

The new stories will feature Flix as a young pug dog growing up as the only dog in Cat Town and being brought up by cat parents.  Like other cats, Flix enjoys eating fish and climbing trees but he also likes to dig, bark and swim.  He also enjoys visiting his dogfather in Dog Town and enjoys his cultural mix.  Flix deflects any criticism with great one-liners and clever pranks.

“Flix is about making the best of your differences – we are all equal and we are all different. Everyone has something to offer. Flix shows us that with comedy you can overcome any dogstacle.” Tomi Ungerer.

Flix was first published in 1997 in many countries including Germany, France and the US and “is a delightfully witty and lighthearted look at race relations” – Publishers Weekly

“Looking through all of Tomi’s work, Flix is the book we all identified as having the most potential. The premise provides endless humour and inventiveness for this little dog living in the world of cats and of course contains allegories that touch every kid.” says Aria Ungerer, Founder of Pictor Productions.

“We are working directly with Tomi and Aria in the development of Flix, and taking early development materials to the Animation Production Day in Stuttgart and MIFA in Annecy this year to get market feedback and to find the right format and target for this title, we are currently working on Flix as a character and some storylines. His world is already very clear.” Says Jules Coke, Producer at Eye Present.


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