Book, interview and press round-up

As 2018 begins to fade and we started to move into all the things new for 2019 here is just a quick round of up of news, books and reviews that were published on Tomi and his work late last year. All of these took place alongside a memorable and excellent show at the Galerie Martel in Paris to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their space – an event enjoyed by so many and has just been wrapped up this weekend.


Galerie Martel showand interview from Telerama

Interview and discussion on the reissue of books the Party and In Extremis from Les Cahiers Dessines from L’Humanite

Marianne interview and a 3 drawings in 3 minutes video (part paywall)

Liberation interview – Au bout de chaque Doigt, il ya une cervelle…

More discussion on The Party and In extremis from Diacritik

Jean -Francios Cadet interview from RFI radio

This sad but heartwarming Christmas story that travelled across the Globe and included a surprising role for the Mellops.

And finally for those of you who would like to read a ttuly in-depth interview with Tomi, all 82, yes 82 pages look no further than the new issue #303 of the Fantagraphics comic journal, out, February 5th.

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