Tomi Ungerer’s name is in some ways synonymous with posters.  He has excelled in the medium since the 1960s with successful advertising campaigns for magazines such as the Village Voice and New York Times. During this epoch he also self-published now iconic political posters against the Vietnam War.  He has designed posters for films such as Dr. Strangelove and commercial advertising such as his famous campaign for Bonduelle during the 1980’s alongside posters for cultural events and political causes.  Below is a very small sampling of his poster art.

“Posters for me are the most challenging and gratifying exercise. A poster has to act by impact, to catch the eye of a passerby within a few seconds. I would say the poster is more of an art form than most other kinds of advertising.

In the 1960’s I started to make political posters. Two subjects sparked my revulsion and my anger: racial segregation and the War on Vietnam. Later I did posters for other causes such as Amnesty International, liberty of the press, animal rights, ecology, nuclear disarmament and so on.” Tomi